Our fundamental principles include the highest standards of quality and safety at work and corporate social responsibility.

Quality Policy

At EMMCO Pomorze we aim to operate a profitable business which meets the needs and expectations of our clients and ensures their full satisfaction. We pursue this goal by striving to win the full trust of our clients, to enjoy the opinion of a credible partner, to enforce our position in the market and promote the company’s development.

We are committed to ensure that our services:

  • are safe for the Client in terms of technological and commercial secret,

  • comply with applicable regulations of law and other requirements,

  • are satisfying in terms of stability and repeatability of features,

  • ensure fully satisfying cooperation to our Clients.

We achieve our goals through:

  • the commitment in quality improvement by all our employees,

  • the employees’ awareness that their day to day tasks all add up to the quality,

  • extremely well trained crew of specialists who constantly improve their skills,

  • cooperation with Clients while analysing their needs and feedback on our services,

  • selection of suppliers who meet our quality standards,

  • constant improvement of the quality management system in accordance with PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

HSSE Policy

One of the major tasks of EMMCO Pomorze is to ensure the highest occupational health and safety standards, health protection, ensuring social conditions and observing provisions of law and other HSSE regulations.

The Management Board of EMMCO Pomorze constantly improves the occupational health and safety conditions which helps in preventing injuries at work and occupational diseases of employees and will ensure the safety of guests, subcontractors and Clients.

In order to achieve this goal, the Management Board ensures highly qualified personnel, safe infrastructure, modern personal protection measures, financing and the employees’ motivation, awareness and involvement in the HSSE issues.

Our company intends to implement the above policy by:

  • constant training and developing the employees’ HSSE qualifications,

  • taking into account the HSSE related comments from our employees’ and cooperating parties,

  • ensuring measures for implementing the HSSE policy,

  • constant improvement of organisation operations in order to improve the HSSE conditions in accordance with PN-ISO 45001:2018 standard.

Environmental Policy

The Management Board of EMMCO Pomorze is fully aware of the importance of social responsibility and sustainable development importance – we care both for clients and the environment.

At EMMCO Pomorze we constantly seek to minimise our impact on the environment. The company performs detailed work to ensure our activities abide by environmental legislation and policy.

These include e.g.:

  • undertaking to meet legal requirements and other requirements related to the performed services,

  • implementing rational waste management by limiting waste production, selective collection and forwarding waste for recycling or remediation,

  • practising the purchase of materials and equipment taking into account their effect on environment as one of crucial factors,

  • popularising pro-environment behaviours among our employees, rising their awareness and encouraging attitudes,

  • constant improvement of the organisation in order to minimise negative impact on the environment.

Alcohol and Drugs Policy

We observe the rule of zero tolerance for using drugs, alcohol and any other psychoactive substances at work and we meet the requirement of this policy. Thus the Management Board of EMMCO Pomorze ensures safe and healthy work environment for its employees.

EMMCO Pomorze believes that being at work under the influence of alcohol or drugs creates risk for health and well-being of employees, Clients and guests.

EMMCO Pomorze motivates its employees who suffer from problems related to the use of alcohol or psychotic substances to benefit from the available professional support and therapy, relevant to their needs. The organisation ensures fair and consistent system which ensures support to those employees who need help. They can be directed to proper institutions or centres which may help, encourage and support their attempts at solving the alcohol and drugs related problems.

EMMCO Pomorze strictly prohibits to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The same applies to any activities undertaken within the premises of EMMCO Pomorze or in other locations while performing services or while using vehicles for work.

It is prohibited for the personnel to consume alcohol during work, even outside the workplace, during meals or rest breaks.

Each employee suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs at work will be immediately removed from their workplace and sent home. In such case the employee who wants to stay at work and willing to prove their sobriety will be obliged to undergo a test for alcohol or drugs.

  • Failing to observe the policy will result in commencing disciplinary proceedings.

  • All employees of EMMCO Pomorze are obliged to observe the above policy.

  • Managers are obliged to ensure that everybody is familiar with the company policy.

  • Direct supervisors are responsible for implementing the policy.

  • Senior management is responsible for observing and overview of the policy implementation.

Board of EMMCO Pomorze