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  • Designing steel structures, reinforced concrete, masonry and composite civil and offshore structures together with calculations, strength optimisation, with particular attention to the issue of structure endurance

  • Developing complete design documentation, including conceptual design, detailed design, shop drawings and specifications and as-built documentation

  • Verifying and adopting stock plans to the investor’s requirements and expectations


EMMCO offers complex supervision; beginning with auditing and selecting producers and contractors, through to all manufacturing and construction stages, to the final quality acceptance, completeness inspections, packaging and marking shipped components.

Inspectors from EMMCO also supervise timeliness of milestone completion in manufacturing and construction, analysing schedules and plans, and verifying their performance. Continuous reporting to our clients on the work in progress ensures their full control of works on the performed tasks.

Technical supervision by EMMCO includes:

  • Supervising all stages of construction / elements production / metal and reinforced concrete structures including prefabrication, construction and final assembly

  • Owner representation services, design and sector supervision during the construction process, during renovation, structural upgrading or demolition of facilities

  • Engineering services and welding supervision provided by qualified IWE & IWI personnel

  • Implementing MIG/MAG/FCAW (131, 135, 136, 138), TIG (141) MMA (111), SAW (121) welding methods

  • Controlling the anti-corrosion protection process by Frosio level I, II qualified inspectors

  • Site engineering services

  • OHS supervision during the construction or manufacturing process

  • Documentation supervision during the construction or manufacturing process

  • Dimension control in large and small scale steel and reinforced concrete structures

  • Quality control and assurance services

  • Supervision over completeness of shipment, packaging, protection and marking structures for their transport duration

  • Supervision over timeliness of construction process or elements /steel and reinforced concrete manufacturing process

  • Audits in manufacturing plants as potential suppliers /sub-contractors

The technical supervision offer by EMMCO is oriented at investors and entities supervising the construction, production or modernisation of industrial facilities, such as: oil platforms, refineries, chemical plants, power plants and heat and power plants, fuel and gas transmission pipelines, large scale industrial and utility structures, bridges, chimneys, specialist ships.


  • Expert opinions and technical consultancy with regards to designing, constructing, repairs, alteration, renewal of steel structures as well as reinforced concrete, masonry and composite structures

  • Condition surveys and measurements of existing buildings and industrial facilities

  • Developing technological processes necessary for constructing and manufacturing steel and reinforced concrete structures (casting technology)


In cooperation with our permanent partners, EMMCO offers a wide range of laboratory tests on materials including cement, aggregates and concrete. The tests are performed directly at the Clients’ request, or are incorporated into expert and technical opinions drafted by the EMMCO surveyors' team.

Our laboratory performs the following tests in compliance with European norms:

    PN-EN 197-1:2002 Cement

  • Chemical analysis (reaction, chlorides and oxides: calcium, magnesium, iron)

  • Testing consistency

  • Testing volume stability

  • Setting time determination

  • Testing compressive strength

  • Testing bending strength

    PN-EN 12620:2004 Aggregate

  • Collecting samples

  • Aggregate grading determination

  • Mineral dust proportion determination

  • Organic contaminants content determination

  • Foreign contaminants content determination

  • Water absorption determination

  • Freeze-thaw resistance determination

  • Crushing strength determination

    PN-EN 206-1:2003/PN-B-06250:1988 concrete

  • Collecting samples for tests

  • Chemical analysis (reaction, chlorides and oxides: calcium, magnesium, iron)

  • Compressive strength testing

  • Water resistance determination

  • Water absorption determination

  • Freeze-thaw resistance determination

  • Bulk density determination

  • Mix consistency testing

  • Testing air content in the mix

    In addition, chemical tests of:

  • Mortar

  • Mixing water

  • Chemical analyses of building salts dissolved in water

    Technical examination of basic strength and physical features of other building materials:

  • Compressive strength

  • Tensile splitting strength

  • Flexural splitting strength

  • Freeze-thaw resistance

  • Water absorption

  • Adhesion

  • Density, bulk density, porosity

  • Abrasion

  • Dimensional stability in constant temperature and moisture content (temperature from -70°C to +150°C, relative humidity of air from 10 to 98%)

  • Moisture content and moisture sorption

  • Water vapour transmission

  • Water absorptivity at long-term diffusion

  • Water vapour diffusion resistance coefficient

  • Heat transfer coefficient from 0.01 to 50 W/(m∙K)

  • Thermal resistance in the walls made of building components (calculation method)

  • Research on minerals in aggregates used in construction and roads construction

  • Heat and moisture analyses and tests in space dividing elements

  • Testing concrete and reinforced concrete elements

  • Non-destructive testing of concrete strength

  • Testing vibrations, dislocations and deformations in buildings, structures and subsoil

    Digital modelling of physical processes occurring in the existing and designed buildings

  • Drafting digital energy models of buildings,

  • Simulation and optimisation of energy demand

  • Forecasting comfortable air conditioning in buildings

  • Energy performance certificates and audits in buildings

  • Digital testing of efficiency in passive and active techniques used in energy saving buildings and in zero net energy buildings

    Expert opinions scientific and technical opinions

  • Structure condition rating

  • Studies on moisture and salinity

  • Testing moisture content in materials using laboratory method and non-invasive procedure

  • Developing maps of moisture accumulation

  • Forecasting comfortable heating and moisture in premises. Scope of research: estimating PMV, PPD, PD, DR coefficients.

  • Developing forecasts of buildings demand for primary energy from non-renewable resources: digital simulations.

  • Construction business and industrial building technical reports on

  • Civil structures

  • Ekspertyzy z zakresu konstrukcji żelbetowych, murowych i stalowych

  • Expert opinions on structures of reinforced concrete, masonry and steel

  • Expert opinions on structural waterproofing systems

  • Structure condition rating,


EMMCO management offers many years of experience in implementing complicated and advanced projects on facilities and structures construction for a range of industries. We use our expertise in complex project management and construction, including:

  • Procurement and selection of potential contractors

  • Audits by technical experts and due diligence analyses of potential contractors

  • Business negotiations resulting in final work contracting

  • Developing schedules, construction and production plans

  • Coordinating works of sector firms necessary for performing tasks

  • Organising site offices for comprehensive supervision of works

  • Supervision of design documents drafting, including the final delivery documentation

  • Final clearance of works and signing delivery and acceptance reports


  • Based on EMMCO expertise our services include the review and selection of potential subcontractors providing steel structures, pipelines, steel components as well as reinforced concrete structures, masonry and composite structures. These services are earmarked particularly to our foreign clients

  • The specialists from EMMCO also procure clients in accordance with received orders and sign contracts on their behalf

  • We perform detailed reviews and market research of the Polish and European markets with particular attention on Scandinavian countries, including Norway


EMMCO provides highly qualified personnel with their know-how and expertise supported by many years of experience, confirmed with professional certificates and competence certificates.

    Engineers and supervising officers/inspectors

  • Qualified constructors and building surveyors

  • Qualified engineers and supervising officers specialising in inspections of structures made of steel, reinforced concrete, masonry, composite and industrial pipelines surveyors

  • Certified international welding engineers and inspectors (IWE, IWI-C)

  • Site engineers

  • Corrosion protection certified inspectors in compliance with Frosio levels I, II, III

  • Quality assurance inspectors (QA / QC, QS, MC)

  • Measuring inspection specialists

  • OHS inspectors

    Production personnel

    Pipeline and steel construction fitters

  • Excellent skills in technical documentation analysis regarding structures and ISO

  • Most effective and professional workflows

  • Compliance with the highest security standards

  • Extensive experience in cooperation with Polish and international companies manufacturing or constructing facilities for oil and gas excavation and processing industry.

  • Certification in grafting joints welding in compliance with EN 287-1

  • Expertise in man lifts operating and safety harnesses application for working at heights

    Pipeline and steel construction welders

  • Experience and certification in the following welding methods: 111, 131, 135, 136, 138 and 141

  • The scope of certification includes a wide range of materials such as: carbon steel, high alloy steel, stainless steel, austenitic and ferritic steel (duplex, super duplex) as well as titanium alloy, aluminium alloy and copper alloy (CuNiFer)

  • Qualified in compliance with the current standards, i.e. EN 287-1, EN ISO 9606 under the supervision of qualification entities such as UDT, TUV, DNV and others

  • EMMCO can verify welders’ competences and skills through workshop tests

    Testing personnel

  • NDT operators

  • EMMCO offers specialists in non-destructive evaluation, levels III and II, certified in VT, PT, MT, RT, UT in accordance with EN 473/BS EN ISO 9712.

    Management and administration staff

  • Project / site managers

  • Experienced forefront managers, i.e. foremen in pipelines and structures constructing

  • Documentation flow and control specialists

  • Administration staff

Human resources database at EMMCO comprises over 1000 specialised and verified candidates for a wide range of positions.


  • EMMCO performs welding and fitting works on steel structures and industrial pipelines

  • These works are supervised by experienced management staff


  • Design withoult limitations in the field of engineering and construction

  • Management of construction works without limitations in the field of engineering and construction

  • Qualifications of construction experts without limitations in the field of engineering and construction

  • Certification of the internal quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 (during implementation)